Colinwell offers a complete range of innovative acoustic sound absorbing masonry blocks. These products have been designed to offer an attractive and robust method for reducing sound reverberation within a space.

EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks

Colinwell's EchoCheck Acoustic Block has been designed to offer market leading levels of sound absorption efficiency.

They control sound within a space so that it reaches its audience without distortion or reflection, while at the same time minimising noise penetration through walls to adjoining areas. An issue that has become increasingly important since the introduction of Building Bulletin 93.

Designed for use with along side Colinwell Architectural Masonry, Paint Grade Blocks and our Acousta Tex Masonry Blocks, EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks have slots in their face, allowing sound to travel into the hollow cores which then capture, manage and diffuse sound waves of all frequencies to great effect.

Colinwell's maintenance free EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks are ideal for controlling noise in Sports Halls, Anaerobic Digestors, Plant Rooms, Factories and along Roads and Railways to form Sound Barriers.

A selection of colour swatches can be viewed below and our full brochure which details all colours, blocks and sizes, including technical information, can be downloaded in PDF format from the link on our downloads tab.

Acousta Tex Acoustic Blocks

Colinwell Acousta Tex Block is a solid face Acoustic Concrete Block. It is manufactured from specially selected sound porous aggregates and has a specially developed sound absorbing texture. It is these features that give Colinwell Acousta Tex Block effective sound control qualities.

While effective for sound control when used by themselves, they also perfectly compliment Colinwell EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks when both types of block are used together. 

This is because Colinwell EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks offer exceptional levels of sound control across all frequencies while Colinwell Acousta Tex Blocks are most effective in the high frequency sound range.

Colour Swatches

Paint Grade










EchoCheck & AcoustaTex Portfolio

Specifications & Sizes

All sizes of Colinwell EchoCheck and Acousta Tex Acoustic Blocks are classified as cellular. 

Standard components and Specials available are: Half Blocks, Lintels and Bond-beam blocks can be used to accompany the EchoCheck and Acousta Tex range.

Non-standard components and specials may be cut from standard units or, depending on quantity, manufactured to the designers individual requirements.



Reference Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
EC140 440 140 215
EC215 440 215 215
AT100 440 100 215
AT140 440 140 215
AT215 440 215 215


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