01 August 2013

The number of bricks produced in the UK last year was 1.8 billion, this equates to around a 20% increase on 2013 figures. However, despite this growth in production it has not been enough to keep up with demand.

Over the last 18 months construction firms have found it progressively more difficult to obtain clay facing bricks as supply chain bottlenecks tighten amid continuing growth across the industry, not least from the government wishing to see at least 200,000 new housing starts per year.

Due to this increased in demand for brick, Colinwell have utilised their years of experience to renew and refresh their range of facing bricks. Colinwell’s facing bricks range now boasts two separate styles of brick: -

The Legacy Collection

The Colinwell Legacy Collection has been beautifully crafted to resemble a perforated brick handmade brick.

It's rich palette of colours have been developed to replicate the brick tones seen in the historic districts of our towns and cities.

While, it's unique appearance has been achieved through years of product development and the use of specialised manufacturing processes and kiln curing.

The Earlswood Collection

The Earlswood Collection has been developed to give the appearance of a traditional ‘wire-cut’ textured finished brick.

This cost effective, frogged brick is available in a diverse range of natural colours. Equally at home when used in traditional and contemporary architecture, this brick offers an ideal solution to the interpretation of any architectural style.

Most recently, they have supplied their Earlswood Collection Harvest Blend and Antique Terracotta to one of Persimmon Homes new housing developments at Darnley, Glasgow, Scotland. To view images please click here.

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