20 April 2012

Colinwell successfully supplies their new Super Acoustic Block to Blakiston Houston Estate's £1.2m Anaerobic Digester (AD) plant on the outskirts of Belfast.

One of the first of a new generation of AD Plants, which digests slurry, grass, selected household waste and maize to produce enough Biogas to run a 250KW combined heat and power plant.

Colinwell's Super Acoustic Blocks were incorporated into the design of this AD plant due to their excellent noise reduction qualities. Replacing the traditional inner block wall leaf, Colinwell's Super Acoustic Block utilise Helmholtz resonator principles, efficiently absorbing both direct and reflected sounds through integrated slots, thus absorbing low frequency sounds over a range of frequencies. This effectively reduces any noise pollution which would otherwise be emitted from the AD plant.

Colinwell Acoustic Blocks are also ideal for controlling reverberated sound in Auditoriums, Gymnasiums, Swimming Pool Areas, Factories and along Roads and Railways to form Sound Barriers.

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