Colinwell Common & Lightweight Block Projects

Common & Lightweight Block

Dense Aggregate Common Concrete Blocks

For more than 60 years Colinwell have been manufacturing dense common concrete blocks, we like to think we have perfected the process.

Colinwell dense aggregate common concrete blocks are durable, robust and have excellent loadbearing, fire resistance and sound insulation qualities.

Colinwell common concrete blocks are manufactured to BS EN 771-3. These blocks are suitable for the construction of all types of walls including those below ground and foundations (where soil conditions do not necessitate sulphate resistant products) and can be used for T-Beam block floor systems.

Lightweight Common Concrete Blocks

A more recent addition to Colinwell's product portfolio, Lightweight Blocks are made from pumice lightweight aggregate, a natural product formed by volcanic activity and used in construction since Roman times.

Two finishes are available; a common unit with a open finish to receive plaster and a Fair Face (Fairlite) unit with a smooth finish to be left painted or unpainted.

Both Colinwell's Dense Aggregate and Pumice Lightweight Blocks are manufactured to BS EN 771-3 and Quality Assurance Accreditation under BS EN 9001.